Sales Allegations

Inovaare Sales Alligation Mitigate Compliance Risk by Properly Investigating Sales Allegations

Sales Allegations are difficult to prevent, and in many cases, it is just as difficult to track all aspects needed to ensure CMS compliance in Plan Investigations.

The fact that CMS is relatively silent on the specific requirements around investigation and closure of Sales Allegations makes it even more difficult and confusing.

You can’t prevent Sales Allegations, but ensuring that complaints are investigated and closed properly will reduce your Compliance risk.


Inovaare  Sales Allegation

Key Benefits

  • Tracking of all Sales Allegations
  • Compliance in Allegation workflows
  • Maintenance & Storage of all required documentation and notifications
  • Proper classification of sales allegations (e.g. Founded, Unfounded, Undetermined, Withdrawn).
  • Appropriate Outcome & Corrective Action
  • Allows for rules to be in place to properly rate the offense, therefore, assigning the correct level of disciplinary action.
  • All outcomes are tracked and trended to identify issues and opportunities.

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