A Unified Platform to Drive Operation Function towards Efficiency

Inovaare’s audit operation module enables you to effectively assess the quality, efficiency, and profitability of internal systems, processes, and procedures across your operations. The solution streamlines the audit lifecycle while integrating audit data on a unified and secure platform. Business owners have access to powerful reports built on real-time data around the status of the audit program, audit findings, issues, and trends. With Inovaare’s audit operation module you will be able to:

  • Establish efficient, automated workflows.
  • Eliminate operational audit systems and manual processes that function in silos.
  • Gain comprehensive, real-time visibility into audit findings.
  • Increase compliance and alignment with regulatory and business objectives.
  • Proactively identify risk, non-compliance, and operational aberrations.

Appeals & Grievances

Inovaare’s A&G solution helps health plans to monitor accuracy and gain visibility of real-time data.

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A solution that ensures complaints are investigated and closed properly to reduce compliance risk.

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Comprehensively manage your end-to-end CTM process to establish stronger compliance practices.

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