Universe Scrubber

Simple yet powerful solution for accurate CMS submissions


Accurate universes, today, have become a fundamental component of CMS. They are also highly effective tools for monitoring, analysis and oversight. Generating clean Universes is important not just for a CMS audit but also to improve operations through Universes. A Universe failure can drastically affect your audit score, could lead to a referral for possible enforcement actions or adversely affect your ratings.

However, the effort required to generate accurate and compliant CMS Universes is so high that most health plans do not routinely utilize them as an ongoing compliance tool.

Common Universe issues include Data in the wrong fields, missing data, inappropriate data, repeated errors despite CMS finding, file naming convention errors, and incorrect template, among others. Most of these are errors due to negligence or ignorance, and can cost a lot in terms of cost, ratings and time.

Why pay a price or face enforcement action, when you can generate clean CMS compliant Universes – all in under 2 minutes!

Proactive compliance instead of reactive compliance! It pays to be PROACTIVE!

Inovaare’s ODAG Scrubber is an integrated solution that scrubs Authorizations, Claims, Appeals and Grievances quickly, on demand, at the click of a button to generate accurate and clean Universe ready for CMS submission. With our automated cloud solution, you can significantly reduce undercharges and denials, speed up appeals and grievances resolution, optimize operational cost and improve your bottom line.


  • Plug-and-play cloud solution for validation of errors
  • Business rules are configured as per CMS mandates
  • Three-layered validation process
  • All ODAC & CDAG Universe listed
  • Secure FTP server for easy access to files
  • AI based analytics
  • Suggests rectification of errors

Key Benefits

  • Increased cash flow, Scrubbed Claims = Paid Claims
  • Lower administrative cost
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Improved STAR ratings
  • Serves as a diagnostic tool for early identification of errors
  • Out-of-box dashboards and analytics


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