Regulatory Reporting

Reduce Operational Risk Through Regulatory Reporting Automation

With the ever-changing regulatory landscape, compliance professionals are under pressure to mitigate risks, both reputational as well as operational risks arising from regulatory reporting. Compliance risks are not just about fines and penalties – the public relations, market, and shareholder ramifications are far-reaching and can inflict significant damage to the business. While an organization may make ample investment in upgrading its compliant processes, policies, and protocols, it is still exposed to significant risk due to the complexity of the compliance reporting process itself.

To achieve complete compliance businesses must have a 360-degree view of complex and new regulations, ongoing compliance monitoring, data gathering and the risks of errors or omissions. Inovaare’s Regulatory Compliance Reporting Automation solution streamlines compliance reporting making the compliance system auditable.

Key Benefits

  • Inovaare’s solution is simple to configure and compliments the already burdened IT resources.
  • Templates and pre-configured metrics save you from reinventing the wheel everytime you prepare for an audit.
  • Zero possibility of erroneous data due to automated workflows.
  • Less manual data entry and spreadsheet hassles leave you time for data verification.
  • A single repository with access to relevant applications and historical data.

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