Monitoring Metrics

Monitoring Metrics for Efficiency

Health Plans gather a lot of data, but it often is scattered between various departments and compiled on separated systems and documents, leaving all this potential untapped. Effective management and improving performance of such a challenging system require identification and optimization of multiple variables through the right set of monitoring metrics.

Health plans typically don't spend enough time analyzing the data they have properly. The numbers or data is sometimes hard to obtain and the volume of the different activities they must deal with can be overwhelming. When they do manage to carve out the time to figure out what's next, they don't know where to begin.

As an interactive performance management tool, Inovaare’s Monitoring dashboard presents key statistics on your health plan’s vital signs, and alerts you to potential risks as they come up in Real Time and not months after the fact, enabling managers to measure, monitor, and manage performance more effectively.

Key Benefits

  • Converts millions of data points and into meaningful and actionable data
  • Highlights Key Performance Measures in the main categories you need
  • Makes c***s-channel reporting and insights easy
  • Enhances the decision-making process

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