Automate your KPIs

Health Plans not only need to manage their own risks successfully but are required to monitor, identify and manage risks with their Delegated Vendors. KPIs and Balanced scorecards are useful tools in the hands of the managers to simplify this task. The Inovaare Dashboard tool connects, captures, and analyzes data from multiple sources and mixes your information into one place.

It is powerful and proactive, delivering essential information and alerts to you of risks. Our cloud-based intelligent platform is designed to explore and analyze data. Our easy to use online dashboards combine targets and actuals automatically highlighting areas of concern.

Key Benefits

Inovaare KPI Dashboard
  • Intelligent search feature helps you uncover data relationships
  • Explore multiple data sources in a single app
  • Collaborate and share insights with rich data storytelling
  • Compare your delegated entities to each other and find trends
  • Get Alerts when metrics change & create custom reports for your entire business

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