Inovaare collection server

Bridge the Gap between Just Collecting Data & Analytics

Inovaare delivers a web-based interactive analytics solution that uses data mining, machine learning, and big data frameworks that work in real time to generate insights and automated reports making it easy to put your data to work for you and to identify potential compliance risks.

Our Analytic tools bring your business and data together in one cloud-based platform. These tools make it easy to see all the information you care about in real time and use it to make faster, better-informed decisions. Our products simplify identifying trends, locating process vulnerabilities, and overall compliance risk management and oversight.

Key Benefits

  • Key metrics for compliance risk areas derived from your own data
  • Customize your own KPI metrics
  • Real time reports and dashboards of audit results
  • Compliance data facilitates creation of audit rules for continuous monitoring


Automatically update key metrics with data directly from your data sources

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Monitoring Metrics

Receive statistics on your health plan’s vital signs, and potential risks in Real Time.

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